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A lightweight game about a helicopter that has to navigate an endless tunnel that's full of obstacles

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Helicopter Game, there’s no mystery to it, it’s a game about a helicopter. The goal of the game? Travel through and endless tunnel that gets trickier and trickier to navigate.

As simple as they come

Helicopter Game is by all means a basic game with almost nothing to offer besides its core gameplay. Your little helicopter has an endless supply of fuel and thus it will travel for an eternity as long as you don’t crash.

It will fly forward and your job is to tell it when and how much to go up or down by pressing the left mouse button. The longer you hold the higher or lower it goes and that’s all you need to do to play. It sounds simple enough, and to some extent it is, but as you fly onward, the tunnel gets complicated and the obstacles become more difficult to pass.

Gameplay that relies on focus and nothing else

Since you only have one button to worry about, getting the highest score in Helicopter Game solely relies on your ability to focus on what you’re doing.

Your only problem will be losing focus. There are no projectiles coming your way or moving obstacles, so, as long as you figure out if you need to go up or down, you should be fine. If you mess up, you will start all over again and level memorization is out of the question because the tunnel is randomly generated.

It easily gets annoying

One thing that might get to you is a basic yet serious game design flaw. At times, you don't even need to get all that close to an obstacle for the game to process a moment as a crash. But, if you manage to keep an optimum distance, and a focused mind, you can go on until there’s a power outage.

Helicopter Game was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 5th, 2015
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