3D Rally Racing

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A simple Flash powered game in which you can drive two rally cars across multiple terrain types

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3D Rally Racing is a Flash game in which you will be able to drive a rally car around different tracks against three other AI opponents. It’s not something you’ve never heard of, after all, there are countless games that offer the same thing, the only difference being that they might be better.

Poor graphics and gameplay

To be able to play 3D Rally Racing, you will need to unzip the downloaded file and run the SWF file, the easiest way being to drag it over your web browser if you have Flash Player installed.

3D Rally Racing will not offer you exciting graphics and compelling gameplay, not even remotely. It’s a small game in size and stature so you can’t expect much detail crammed into it but even so it seems well under reasonable quality standards.

Both the cars and environments are poorly designed and even if you shrink the size of the game window it still looks rather modest.

Playable, but barely so

3D Rally Racing’s controls are as simple as can be, you just need the arrow keys and both cars you can drive perform the same. In terms of how the car handles, that’s probably the game’s poorest feature. By the looks of it, you will basically be driving a car that is fixed on an axis because pressing the arrow keys merely tells the track how to move under the vehicle.

Initially you get to choose between two tracks and can unlock an additional four as you progress in the game. Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to the cars as you will only have two to choose from.

The game also seems to disregard some aspects of common logic because you may never find a rally car that moves so slow when it’s barely off the track.


To sum things up, 3D Rally Racing offers you very few reasons to enjoy it. Gameplay is repetitive and there is no real challenge when it comes to the opponents as you will mostly fight to not go off track.

3D Rally Racing was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 8th, 2014
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