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Emulate old video games for a variety of classic machines from a few decades ago with this handy tool

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Although many might think about video games as being a rather new invention, dating maybe from back in the 90s when Nintendo consoles hit the market, they are actually much older than that, with a long history of evolution over a few decades. As such, the first machines that supported basic video games go back to the 70s, or even sooner.

Emulate a variety of machines and consoles with the same tool

WinArcadia is a clever emulator that can run and let you enjoy some of the earliest video games ever released, by allowing you to emulate old machines on your state-of-the-art computer. As such, you have the opportunity to boot up a virtual Elektor TV Games Computer dating back from 1979, or even the AY-3-8550/8600-Based Pong Systems from 1976.

Naturally, don’t expect too much from these games, because the developers were barely figuring out how to make them enjoyable. On the other hand, as simple and basic as they might be, they can still be tons of fun and quite challenging, as long as you can overlook the technical limitations. Gameplay-wise, they are not very different from many arcade shooters developed nowadays, although you might stumble into some annoyances as well.

Plenty of customization options

The application may seem rather simple and straightforward at a glance, but it holds a lot of power under the hood, especially if you decide to tweak the performance. To start off with, you can save machine states at will and load them whenever you need to, which certainly comes in handy. In addition, there is a variety of tools at your disposal when it comes to debugging, as well as memory editors and the like.

It is also possible to toy around with the graphics, in case you happen to stumble into artifacts or various other inconveniences. There are many different options to try out, depending on whether you want to speed things up or even enhance details. Fullscreen modes are available as well, although the content can be scaled arbitrarily too, using various zoom modes.

A piece of gaming history at your fingertips

In the end, WinArcadia can bring back memories for those who were there to enjoy the original releases, or teach the youngsters about the roots of all video games. Hence, regardless of what category you happen to be part of, this is certainly a tool to keep an eye on.

WinArcadia was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 28th, 2015
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