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Keeping an eye on your collection of old video games can be a daunting task, especially if the said collection is on your computer in the form of ROM files. Since these do not come with jewel cases or cover pictures to tell which one is which, naming them accordingly seems to be the only solution. However, there are much more viable alternatives out there, some of which come with a hefty number of extras as well.

Catalog and archive your ROM collection

Emulators Organizer is a nifty application designed to keep your video game collection in order, as well as the emulators used to play them on your computer. As such, regardless of what your preferred retro console happens to be, you can certainly add it to the collection. Not only that, but each video game can be carefully cataloged and archived, along with the desired information.

In fact, the entire application functions an awful lot like a database, because it borrows many of the same principles. Hence, every entry is actually a record and you have to provide some data regarding its characteristics, in order to make it easier to sort and filter when needed. The data is also kept in tables, which is yet another sign that this works very much like your typical database application.

Personalize the information regarding every entry

In case you’re very neat and organized, Emulators Organizer also puts a wide variety of identification fields at your disposal, all of which can be filled with the appropriate data. As such, whether you just want to keep track of the name, genre, and year of release, or you also want to add a short description and a characteristic picture for each one, it’s only up to you and the span of your free time.

As far as the user interface is concerned, things might seem a bit hectic in the beginning, especially because there are so many buttons and options that require your attention. After this initial impression, on the other hand, matters become a bit less cluttered and you can see that everything is somewhat intuitive in most parts. However, the GUI is still a tad too invasive to ever feel comfortable.

Plenty of options for true collectors

When it’s all said and done, it really depends on how much of a collector you consider yourself to be. If you need to keep a vast amount of information on each title and you have to juggle with multiple emulators on a regular basis, Emulators Organizer is definitely the tool for the job. However, if you just want to organize a small list of ROMs, there are far simpler methods.

Emulators Organizer was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 9th, 2015
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