Emulators Organizer 6.2.15

An organizer for your room and game emulators which also provides management functions for images, tracks and others
Emulators Organizer - With Emulators Organizer you are able to organize all your emulators in a simple manner.
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Emulators Organizer is an utility that is especially designed to help you manage multiple emulators in a neat and easy to access environment. It can also be used to organize your roms, games, e-books, compressed files, music and any type of file.

You can manage your roms (delete, add .....) , attach an image and a text file to each rom so that the rom may include single or multiple screenshots and info, determine command lines for each emulator so that when you run a game using it the program sends your command lines to the emulator with the rom path automaticaly, and no need to add any command line if you want to run the game.

It's work like a game and application launcher. Just choose something and double click on it, it's very easy to setup and use. Emulators Organizer works like a rom library, as you can create a list of consoles, each console (e.g. : Nes) may include several emulators and roms which can be listed in categories.

Main features:

  • Combine the proffesional feature with the most easy to use launcher on the net.
  • Support dat file from no intro web site,can rename your whole set of rom with simple click
  • High compatiblity,Can support any type of emulator or software that accept command line.
  • Create huge list of consoles ,Emulators,roms,files with thiers related attachment like photos and media (video,book,sound...).
  • Fast database engine , Browse and manage rom swiftly and easily.
  • Simple interface and strong programming core deliver easy and strong database manager.
  • Contains a great tool for adding roms which searchs for roms automaticly.
  • Play remote rom or file that exist in remote server.
  • Download files or roms and get snaps or covers by built in download manager.
  • Looking for image or covers in the web in simple integreted forum.
  • Edit and manage each rom (edit name on the list, edit real rom file name, .... )
  • Create categories for each console in order to manage roms in collections.
  • Attach icon for each console.
  • Rename whole set of rom or file from dat file or by some easy to use commands
  • Add configuration files list for each emulator, edit the configuration file without leaving Emulatos Organizer then simply save that file and use it with the emulator.
  • Attach video and audio for each rom and play them back seperatly
  • Change multi file extention.
  • Locate any rom,Snap,Cover, Pdf or doc.
  • Manage large count of emulators for each console.

last updated on:
November 7th, 2014, 7:59 GMT
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2.9 MB
developed by:
Ali Hadid
C: \ Emu
Emulators Organizer
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13 Screenshots
Emulators Organizer - From the File menu you are able to create a new profile, add console entries and rooms.Emulators Organizer - Accessing the Edit menu the user can delete an entry, change icons and find specific content.Emulators OrganizerEmulators OrganizerEmulators OrganizerEmulators OrganizerEmulators OrganizerEmulators OrganizerEmulators OrganizerEmulators OrganizerEmulators OrganizerEmulators Organizer
What's New in version
  • Emulators Organizer rebuild with optimized code, expect more performance and even more amazing experience.
  • Added information container tabs for each console.
  • Added create theme for each console, playlists group ..etc, your profile can be more customizable than ever !
  • Added dynamic tab browser; ability to change information container tab location via drag-and-drop, no more 6 tabs limit.
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