Warriors Orochi Z Savegame

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A savegame file for Warriors Orochi Z which allows you to skip any kind of unlocking and start fighting





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Warriors Orochi Z is a beat'em up game in which one or two players can create a team of three warriors each and battle tons of enemies.

The game comes with plenty of fighters to choose from and a very large number of worlds to battle in. Warriors Orochi Z is a combination between Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, and brings their features into single, better game.

Players get to use the three characters in their team to battle enemies from a third person perspective, making for some really good looking fights. Each character has his or her special set of skills and changing between them means you have little time to get bored.

By downloading the archive that is provided on this page you will obtaion a Warriors Orochi Z file that makes it possible to enjoy all the available content in the game.
Last updated on November 30th, 2009
Warriors Orochi Z SavegameWarriors Orochi Z SavegameWarriors Orochi Z Savegame

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