Race Driver: GRID Savegame (100%)

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A simple way of having all the cars in GRID without actually completing the game





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Race Driver: GRID or simply GRID, is a racing simulator in which you start small, doing simple races and get to the point where you hire crew for your own racing team.

The game features a Flashback feature which enables the player to rewind time so he or she can try taking a shortcut or avoid an accident that has already happened. The number of uses is limited and the player needs to choose the best times to activate them.

GRID offers 43 cars for you to drive, each one in multiple types of events such as GT championships, drifting, touge, open wheel racing and even demolition. Additionally, you will also be able to race in real world locations.

Downloading the archive that is provided on this page, you will be able to enjoy a fully completed game in which every car and track has been unlocked and ready.
Last updated on November 26th, 2009
Race Driver: GRID Savegame (100%) - screenshot #1Race Driver: GRID Savegame (100%) - screenshot #2

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