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A lightweight solution for Prototype players who don't have the skills or patience to finish the game on their own





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Prototype is an action game that features  Alex Mercer as the protagonist, a young man who has shapeshifting abilities.

He doesn't transform into a werewolf or stuff like that but has the powers to do much more interesting things. Alex now has superhuman strength and can consume people to gain and improve special abilities.

To name a few, he can transform his hands into giant hammers, claws and even shields to protect him from ballistic attacks. Moreover, as you play, Alex can gain or purchase new abilities and he can also transform into his adversaries.

Prototype undoubtedly has its good and bad moments with the bad ones getting in the way of some people's enjoyment. Downloading the savegame file that is made available on this page you will be able to enjoy a fully completed game. This means that you can skip a few chapters or jump right to the big boss fights.
Last updated on July 11th, 2009
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