Plants vs Zombies +4 Trainer

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This is a +4 trainer for the game Plants vs Zombies that will give you lots of advantages






Plants versus Zombies is one of the most fun and addictive tower defense games since ever. It's based on a simple gameplay, offers nice graphics, great sound effects and delivers plenty of hours of fun.

The main goal of the game is to defend a house from waves of zombies that want to eat brains. As logic would have it, you receive help from a group of plants with special abilities and now and again, if times are bad, even a lawnmower can save the day.

The offered trainer is built to help you avoid some of the things you might find as limitations or inconveniences throughout the game and offers you plenty of resources to 'build' your plants.

With this trainer you can get:
- Unlimited Sun Points: this options allows players to build an unlimited number of flower-towers in order to better cope with the zombie invasion
- Money $999.990: using this option you will be able to unlock all the upgrades available in the game
- Plant Slots Always Open: allows you to build the same powerful towers without any constrictions
- One Hit Kill Zombies: this option helps you destroy the undead invaders in one shot

NOTE: This may return a false positive result on some computers with antivirus software installed.
Last updated on May 18th, 2009
Plants vs Zombies +4 Trainer - screenshot #1Plants vs Zombies +4 Trainer - screenshot #2

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