Need for Speed: The Run +1 Trainer

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Get the super breaks cheat for Need for Speed: The Run from this lightweight trainer






Need for Speed: The Run is yet another title from the well known franchise that took three years to make and for a good reason.

The game pitches you as an in-debt racer and mechanic who must win a cross-continent race in order to win a very large amount of cash to save himself. The game provides, as usual, a large number of cars to race, all of which are separated into tears from 1 to 6.

There is also a multilayer mode available in which up to 8 players can join and compete in a multitude of modes. Events that are to be played are voted by the gamers and depending on the mode, only certain cars will be available.

If you're looking to make Need for Speed: The Run a bit easier, you can download and try this trainer. With it you are able to use the Super Breaks cheat that stops your car instantly wherever it is.

You must first activate the trainer before you can enable the cheat. To do so, you have to run the trainer, launch the game, and while in the Main Menu section of the latter, press F1. Numpad 2 toggles the cheat.
Last updated on February 11th, 2012
Need for Speed: The Run +1 Trainer - screenshot #1

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