Need for Speed SHIFT Savegame

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A savegame for Need for Speed: SHIFT which unlocks all the cars that can be found in the game






Need for Speed SHIFT is another release in the well known racing simulation series. Apart from NFS ProStreet, this version comes with more realistic car handling and lacks any kind of background story.

You still have to earn money by racing and as you win races you make enough to purchase new cars and compete in more challenging circuits. There are four tiers of cars to unlock, from entry-level sports and luxury cars to hypercars.

The game also pays attention to the use of G-Forces which greatly influence the handling on the car. Moreover, it also brings back the in-car viewing mode which is very detailed, allowing you to see when the driver shifts gears.

Using this savegame file you are able to unlock all the cars that are available in the game, including the S3,GT-R SpecV,R8 4.2,370Z,B. Veyron,P Zonda R and M3 E92.
Last updated on September 22nd, 2009
Need for Speed SHIFT Savegame - screenshot #1Need for Speed SHIFT Savegame - screenshot #2Need for Speed SHIFT Savegame - screenshot #3

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