NBA 2K12 +1 Trainer

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A lightweight tool that can come in handy for NBA 2K12 players who need a bit of extra time in a game





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NBA 2K12 is a basketball simulation game and the thirteenth title in the series in which players can test their skills and play their favorite sport.

The game offers the NBA's Greatest mode in which you can play as the most famous NBA players in history and match them against other icons. My Player mode is also available, and the Draft Combine and Summer Circuit are swapped for the Rookie Showcase.

You also get the Creating a Legend mode only in this version, you can choose any player from the game and play him through out the entire career. Along with that, players also get to switch to manager mode and take care of staff, scouting and more.

If you want to reduce the difficulty in the game, you can download and try this promo trainer. It enables you to use the Add Quarter Time cheat just by pressing the F6 key.

To activate the trainer you simply have to run it, then launch the game and while in the main menu section of the latter, press F1.

This new trainer is for the 1.01 03.08.2012 version of the game.
Last updated on March 10th, 2012
NBA 2K12 +1 Trainer - screenshot #1

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