Medieval II: Total War +7 Trainer for 1.0

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A lightweight cheat tool for those who can't handle Medieval II: Total War's game difficulty





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Medieval II: Total War is a turn-based strategy game that also blends in real-time tactics to deliver accurate battles between two or more large armies.

The action takes place between the years of 1080 and 1530, Total War also giving attention to the discovery of the New World and its conquest. Gameplay is essentially focused on conquest mechanics. In campaign mode you first need to choose a faction from that time period and oversee it grow into a powerful force that is capable of annexing through peace or war any other faction.

Each faction has a ruling family and in this title, there are two types of settlements to conquer, cities or castles. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages which you have to weigh before engaging into battle.

Medieval II: Total War certainly has its ups and downs when it comes to difficulty and to help you deal with the most difficult moments, this trainer was created. With it you can benefit from cheats such as infinite money, 1 turn construction, infinite recruits, a character system with four keys, infinite mercenary hiring, along with enable/disable all trainer keys.

To benefit from them, you first need to run the trainer, then launch the game, and while playing press the Numpad key that corresponds to the cheat you want to enable it.
Last updated on September 11th, 2007
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