Max Payne 1.01 +3 Trainer

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A lightweight hack for those who can't play Max Payne the way it was meant to be played





Max Payne is an action game in which Max seeks revenge on those who murdered his wife and child as well as those who had any connection with the event.

The game features a great narrative story with well constructed characters and delivers blood-pumping action throughout its relatively few hours of gameplay. There are plenty of weapons to use, painkillers to keep you going and a large bunch of bad guys to blast away.

Max Payne comes with the bullet time features which enables you to slow down time in critical situations so you can aim better as well as obtaion some pretty spectacular action scenes.

By downloading the trainer that is provided on this page you will be able to reduce the game's difficulty of needed. It grants you the following cheats: infinite Bullet Time, unlimited ammo and god mode.

To enable the cheats, you first need to run the trainer, then start the game and while playing, press F6, F7 or F8.
Last updated on March 16th, 2009
Max Payne 1.01 +3 Trainer - screenshot #1

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