Iron Man +12 Trainer for 1.1

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A lightweight cheat tool for those who play Iron Man but don't have what it takes to finish it the normal way





Iron Man is a game that follows into the footsteps of the movie with the same tile, allowing you to play as Tony Stark in one of his great armored suits.

The fans of the Iron Man movies will enjoy hearing the voices of the original actors who are also present in the game. Iron Man follows the story of Tony's capture, his escape and plans to turn around the purpose of his company into something else.

In the game you will be facing enemies such as Advanced Idea Mechanics, the Maggia and the Ten Rings terrorist group. It's played in a third-person perspective and you will be able to do everything the suit in the movie could do.

By downloading and using this trainer you will be able to use cheats such as: unlimited armor, propulsion and weapons power, unlimited power cells, save position, teleport, mega ammo amount, unlimited ammo, missile barrage, one hit kills, super speed and fast super laser reload.

To benefit from the cheats, you must first run the trainer, launch the game and then, while in the Main Menu section, press F1 to activate the source. After that, to enable a cheat, all you have to do is press its corresponding Numpad key.
Last updated on July 30th, 2008
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