Hellgate: London +6 Trainer for Demo

Set twenty-five years in the future, Hellgate: London introduces a world devastated by a demon invasion.
Hellgate: London +6 Trainer for Demo
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Hellgate: London is the first original title from premier developer Flagship Studios, whose team hails from such blockbusters as the Diablo, StarCraft, and WarCraft series. Set in the near future, Hellgate: London introduces a world devastated by a demon invasion. Players are thrust into a desolate city scorched by hellfire where the survivors meld science and sorcery to gain a foothold against the minions of darkness and save the bloodline of humanity.

With the new trainer you will be able to make use of all the in-game cheats so that you can change your gameplay experience.

Hellgate: London combines the depth of Role-Playing Games with the action of First-Person titles, while offering infinite replayability and an individualized gaming experience through dynamically created levels, monsters, items, and events. Players create a hero and then battle through innumerable hordes of demons while completing quests and advancing through experience levels and branching skill paths. A robust, flexible skill and spell system, highly-customizable items, and a massive variety of randomly generated equipment allow players to create heroes that are truly unique and have a well defined character.

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Hellgate: London +6 Trainer for Demo
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3 Screenshots
Hellgate: London +6 Trainer for DemoHellgate: London +6 Trainer for Demo

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