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Enjoy having total freedom of doing whatever you want in Hard Truck Apocalypse by using this savegame file





Hard Truck Apocalypse is an open world combat game in which the main characters are trucks that are quipped to fight to the death.

The game features RPG elements as you will have to complete quests, fight mobs, trade and you can even upgrade your truck with new weapons. In the game, the ultimate goal is to avenge the death of your father, a task that takes you on a long journey.

Hard Truck Apocalypse displays good graphics and offers plenty of intense combat. As you play and manage to successfully trade the good you find, you can purchase new gadgets for your truck or buy a new one.

If you wan to skip a few corners and enjoy the game without first completing it, you can download and use this savegame file. Once you place it in the game's save game folder, you will be able to enjoy a completed game and the freedom to do whatever you want.
Last updated on February 7th, 2009
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