Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas +13 Trainer

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A trainer for GTA: San Andreas that can be used by those who are having a hard time or simply want to have fun






Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open-world action game where you play as CJ, a young man who returns home upon hearing that his mother was murdered.

Just as he arrives, he enters in contact with some corrupt cops that frame him for murder. Shortly after that, CJ makes it back to Groove Str where he meets his long time homies and starts to get into all kinds of trouble and illegal activities.

In GTA: San Andreas you can perform a very large number of missions, meet unique characters or simply steal a bike and jump off the tallest cliff you find. Almost anything is possible in San Andreas.

Using the trainer provided on this page you will be able to grant CJ god mode status, unlimited ammo and no reload time, unlimited money and time. Along with that, you can unlock respect, energy sweet, eliminate cops or max out the number that are chasing you and more.
Last updated on October 12th, 2007
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas +13 TrainerGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas +13 TrainerGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas +13 Trainer

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