Gears of War Savegame [100%]

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A savegame file for those who want to skip Casual and Hardcore modes, and to straight to Insane






Gears of War is a third person action game that has thrown in a ruthless battle against the Locust Horde for the survival of the human race.

The game features a variety of weapons to use, a cover system to help you avoid incoming firepower. Gears of War also implements an Active Reload feature in which the player is granted a damage bonus if a reload is executed in a certain way.

The campaign can be played in both solo and co-op mode and takes you through five chapters. There are two paths for the storyline to go on and it's up to you to choose which one you want. The game also features three types of difficulty, Casual, Hardcore and Insane, the latter being available after the first two have been fully completed.

By downloading the archive that is provided on this page, you will be able to enjoy the Insane level of difficulty without having to complete the first two. By copying this savegame file to the game folder, you can play Gears of War at insane difficulty.
Last updated on April 21st, 2009
Gears of War Savegame [100%] - screenshot #1Gears of War Savegame [100%] - screenshot #2

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