GTA IV - 100% Savegame

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Enjoy a fully open city in Grand Theft Auto IV by downloading and using this 100% savegame






GTA IV or Grand Theft Auto IV is another release for the giant series that has offered countless hours of entertainment throughout many years. The IV release further exploits the great possibilities of having an open world to explore with a large variety of things to discover and missions to complete.

The game uses the same third-person view and mechanics from San Andreas (with various enhancements) and delivers the storyline in the same linear manner. You will have to complete a variety of missions that are carefully scripted to advance into the game.

In Grand Theft Auto IV you are able to use a cover system and have some of the characters you meet perform various favors for you. It also comes with an online feature that allows up to 32 players to roam around the huge city.

If you want to have all the missions complete and everything unlocked for the game, then you will surely enjoy this savegame that is 100% completed. Place it into the Game's save folder and enjoy an open world that is truly open.
Last updated on February 3rd, 2009
GTA IV - 100% Savegame - screenshot #1

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