Far Cry +8 Trainer for 1.4

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A trainer for Far Cry that you can use to overcome any impossible scenario you encounter





Far Cry is a first-person action adventure game that takes you, Jack Carver, and strands you on an exotic island where all kinds of terrible things are going on.

From experimental science, to mutants to genocide, it's all there and it's your job to deal with it while also searching for a missing female reporter. The landscape in the game varies tremendously, taking your from canyons to dense rainforests and even volcanic forests.

Apart from the environment variety, the player can appreciate (or hate) the advanced AI that is used. Enemies will signal each other for backup if they spot you, and they will do their best to flank, surround and outsmart you.

The game is blessed with challenging missions and situations for those who can appreciate them. For those who can't really deal with instances where things get though, this trainer was crated. With it you can benefit from cheats such as: unlimited ammo, no reload, unlimited grenades, unlimited health, unlimited shield, 1 hit kill, unlimited stamina and no vehicle damage.

To benefit from the cheats, you first need to start the trainer, run the game and then press the F1 through F8 to enable or disable the cheats.

NOTE: The trainer is intended to work properly with the 1.4 version of the game.
Last updated on April 10th, 2012
Far Cry +8 Trainer for 1.4

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