Dynasty Warriors 6 +18 Trainer

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A trainer for Dynasty Warriors 6 which packs a very large number of cheats you can use






Dynasty Warriors 6 is hack and slash game that takes you into the events of 200AD in ancient China.

Being the sixth title in the series, the game brings a number of improvements, such as the Renbu system which allows players to prepare and perform combo attacks. Along with that, the player now also gets to use a skill tree to further enhance the abilities of the character.

The weapons system has also been updated and is now based on three weapons instead of four, with a new way of blocking from any direction. Dynasty Warriors 6 has its ups and downs when it comes to the difficulty level, and when it's about the ups, some might not be able to handle it really well.

For this reason, a trainer such as the one you can download from this page has been created. Using it you can benefit from cheats such as: instant kill, infinite Musou, enemies can't use musou, infinite renbu, everlasting combo, infinite bonus/power-up duration, add 50 KO's or points, add 1000 experience, super speed, super jump, slow-mo troops, save position, restore position, infinite saves, infinite skill points, kill all timers, unlock all scenarios and unlock all characters.

To benefit from these cheats all you have to do is launch both the trainer and game and then press the corresponding cheat key on your keyboard to activate it.
Last updated on December 20th, 2008
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