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A lightweight piece of software that provides a handy cheat for Driver: San Francisco






Driver: San Francisco is an action game that has you driving a large number of cars across a very big portion of a recreated San Francisco.

The game covers over 335 km of road and incorporates several landmarks. This release for the racing series comes with several improvements over the previous titles. Tanner can switch from one car to another to complete a mission and using Shift, all cars are equipped with the boost feature.

Driver: San Francisco brings a multiplayer split screen feature for the first time and allows players to compete against each other in 19 types of events. You can race any of the 125 cars in challenges such as tag, trailblazer, sprint GT, cops and robbers and more.

By downloading and using the trainer that is provided on this page you get to use the Super Breaks cheat which allows you to instantly stop. Note that the cheat might not work on all cars and in some cases it is required that you damage the car a bit before you can use it.

To benefit from the cheat you first need to run the trainer, launch the game, and while you are in the main menu section of the latter, press the F1 key to activate the cheat source. After that, pressing the Numpad 2 key enables it.

NOTE: This new trainer is for the 07.05.2012 version of the game.
Last updated on July 7th, 2012
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