Crysis +11 Trainer for 1.0

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A lightweight tool that can make the difference in Crysis, if you can't really finish it in the normal way





Crysis is an action-packed first-person shooter that equips you with the well known nanosuit and pitches you into a fight against an alien race.

In the game you play as Nomad, a member of the Raptor Team which is sent to rescue a team of archaeologists and recover important data, but things get complicated as aliens get involved. The suit you wear can be used in four modes, Strength, Speed, Stealth and Armor, each being perfectly suited for specific encounters.

The game puts a wide range of weapons in your hands, both human and alien hardware, and most of them can be customized to improve their performance and accuracy. In the game you can also use vehicles to move around and it even comes with a multiplayer mode.

Downloading the trainer that is provided on this page you will be able to use a large number of cheats in the moments where not even the nanosuit can help you. Once activated, you get cheats for: infinite health, power and ammo, grenades, night-vision, weapon horde, super jump, super speed and super throw, along with predatory cloak and confusion.

To benefit from them, you first need to run the trainer, launch the game and then, while in the main menu section of the game, press the F1 key to activate the cheat source.
Last updated on December 27th, 2007
Crysis +11 Trainer for 1.0Crysis +11 Trainer for 1.0Crysis +11 Trainer for 1.0

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