Counter-Strike: Source - Royal Hack

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Overwhelm your online enemies using a combination of health, aim, and crosshair hack

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Valve hit the jackpot with Half-Life back in 1998, since it managed to revolutionize the genre and change the way people looked at first-person shooters. The silent protagonist may have kept to himself all the way to the end, but Gordon Freeman is a name almost every gamer out there has uttered at one point or another. However, the multiplayer component has just as much merit as the singleplayer campaign, even more so if you take into account the separate projects it spawned all over the world.

The new Source engine to power the war on terror

Counter-Strike: Source - Royal Hack reveals its purpose and intentions right there in the title, even if it is considered in bad taste to abuse hacks and cheats when it comes to online competitive games. Depending on your intentions, or if you plan on using it against bots on your own servers, there are a few situations when one might deem this sort of tool acceptable, but after all, it is all about whether you feel like playing nice or not.

Counter Strike: Source is the obvious continuation to the extremely popular Half-Life mod that came out not long after Valve released the second part in the series and its primary objective was to utilize the Source graphics engine and take advantage of its capabilities. However, the underlying mechanics had to change as well, given the fact that it just wouldn’t feel right if the gameplay wasn’t in tune with the realistic visual style.

Let the aimbot do the work for you

As far as the tool at hand is concerned, the term Royal Hack is quite appropriate in this case, considering the fact that it actually encompasses a wide range of utilities to make your life easier. Beside the obvious aimbot that allows you to automatically aim for the head of your opponents, a wall hack is also thrown into the mix, so that you can be aware of everyone’s position on the map at any given moment and avoid ever being taken by surprise.

In addition, there is also a crosshair hack, which practically eliminates the in-game recoil effect that makes your crosshair enlarge with every fired shot. Thus, you are able to shoot as much as you want without losing accuracy, which is kind of an overkill, since you cannot miss anyway. The ESP Health, Name and Bbox are also included in the package, as well as a ‘BunnyHop’ option and the NoSpread cheat, depending on your preferences.

Make your gaming sessions less stressful

Regardless of your intentions when you decide to acquire and install Counter-Strike: Source - Royal Hack, it is at least good to know that such tools exist out there, just in case. Moreover, one could also give them a try in order to see what to expect from other potential cheaters and implement special protection systems against those who prefer to use them.

Counter-Strike: Source - Royal Hack was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on March 2nd, 2015
Counter-Strike: Source - Royal Hack - Although you cannot actually see the players, their position is indicated by big colored boxes on the screen.Counter-Strike: Source - Royal Hack - It is also possible to modify your settings and alternate between cheats.Counter-Strike: Source - Royal Hack - Plenty of other customization options are available to you.

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