Company of Heroes +12 Trainer for 1.0

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A trainer developed for Company of Heroes which is meant to bring the odds in your favor






Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game that is set in the period of World War II and you have to control several military units and undertake different missions.

In the game you will be playing as either the Able Company or the Fox company and to sustain their combat efforts, you have to control various points on the map. Buildings can be infiltrated by your troops and transformed into temporary production points for reinforcements.

Each unit, infantry or vehicle can be controlled and upgraded to enhance their fighting capabilities. Most of the encounters between opposing forces take place while they are in line of sight but artillery can be used.

The game is meant to be both challenging and fun but for those who struggle with the first part, the trainer provided on this page can help. With it you are able to grant your units infinite manpower, munition and fuel, you also have the ability to instantly create a unit, you can remove the population cap and instantly build a structure.

Additionally, you can restore a selected unit to full health or lower it to 0, kill all enemy resources and more. To be use the application and benefit from the cheats, you need to run the trainer, launch the game and press the option key.
Last updated on September 3rd, 2007
Company of Heroes +12 Trainer for 1.0Company of Heroes +12 Trainer for 1.0Company of Heroes +12 Trainer for 1.0

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