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This is an extensive cheats database that comes with over 6,200 cheats for the most popular games

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Having to retry the same level again and again is part of the video game magic, but it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the experience. Hence, if you ever find yourself stuck and unable to continue, using a walkthrough or even cheat codes should not undermine your self-esteem at all. After all, it’s only a game, and they are usually meant to be fun, not stressful and annoying.

A vast database of cheats and tips

Cheats Maximal comes to help you in your hour of need, by providing you with an ample collection of cheat codes, easter eggs, and various other information that can be of help whenever you happen to need a hand. As such, the application is basically a database, featuring miles of plain text, structured into different entries for every game.

To begin with, you’d be glad to know that there are thousands of video games featured in the database, ranging from simple platformers from back in the day, to modern day triple-A productions. Hence, regardless of what game got you stuck and in need of help, you can definitely find it in here, as long as there are cheats to begin with.

Export the information to your computer

In case you happen to need the text in some other form, or in a separate document to share with someone else, the application allows you to export the text to your computer in the usual TXT format. Not only that, but the information can also be printed directly from the program’s interface, thanks to the dedicated button that immediately sets up everything to be put on paper.

Speaking of which, the user interface is about as simple and uncluttered as possible, while still providing you with access to thousands of pages of text. Hence, everything is neatly packed together and you can easily browse through the list of available games. Whenever you find what you need, a simple click fetches the appropriate information, which is then displayed in plain text for your convenience.

A compact, yet hefty collection of cheat codes

Despite its simple appearance and somewhat outdated look, Cheats Maximal has enough information to please everyone. However, one might ask himself what’s the purpose of such an application nowadays, when almost every computer is connected to the Internet anyway.

Cheats Maximal was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 9th, 2015
Cheats Maximal - You can easily browse the list of video games and view the cheats associated with them.

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