Bully Scholarship Edition Savegame

A savegame fiel for Bully: Scholarship Edition which you can add to your game to skip ahead
Bully Scholarship Edition Savegame
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Bully: Scholarship Edition is the remake of the original Bully game which takes place at the Bullworth Academy where Jimmy is enrolled against his will.

Left there alone while his parents go on a year-long cruise, Jimmy finds that the school is full of bullies and makes it his mission to deal with them. Gameplay revolves around completing various objectives with a linear delivery, and he also has to attend school classes.

Your character can fight using a variety of weapons, travel to places outside the academy get into trouble and then do his best to avoid getting caught. Moreover, attending classes enables you to learn new skills such as talking your way out of a bad situation or creating firecrackers.

In terms of content, there is a lot to do in Bully: Scholarship Edition and there are plenty of missions to undertake. For those who want to skip a few chapter and start at half-way in the game, you can download this savegame file which offers a 50% completed game.

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May 12th, 2011, 4:27 GMT
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Arnaud Granal
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Bully Scholarship Edition Savegame
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