Battlefield: Bad Company 2 +12 Trainer

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A small tool that offers a large number of cheats for Battlefield: Bad Company 2





Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a first-person shooter that can be played in both single player as campaign, and in multiplayer against other players from around the world.

In single player, you play as Preston Marlow, a member of the Bad Company squad in a series of missions. In multilayer, get to battle it out with other people in modes such as Rush, Squad Rush, Conquest, Squad Deathmatch and Onslaught, as one of the four classes: assault, engineer, medic, and recon.

Like in the previous games, apart from the use of standard assault weapons, you will also be able to drive vehicles, ATVs, fly helicopters and much more. These can be used to enjoy the 'destructible environments' features which renders nearly everything on a map destroyable.

By downloading and using the trainer that is provided on this page you will be able to use a large number of in-game chats while playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Once activated, the cheat source provides: super health and ammo, no reload, save position, teleport, undo teleport, zoom in, zoom out, super accuracy, spook mode, spy mode and super grenades.

To benefit from them you must first run the trainer, launch the game, and while in the Main Menu section of the latter, press F1 to activate the trainer. After that, you simply have to press the corresponding Numpad key to use the cheat you want.

NOTE: This new trainer is for the patched #3 version of the game.
Last updated on June 17th, 2010
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