Battlefield 2 +13 Trainer

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A Battlefield 2 trainer that offers thirteen options which you can use to cheat your way through the game





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Battlefield 2 is an action packed first-person shooter that takes you into large scale battles between two factions.

As a player, you can choose from multiple infantry classes, use assault vehicles, form squads or assume the role of the leading commander. Battlefield 2 delivers great looking maps, weapons and effects, making the game a great experience.

For some, Battlefield 2 might prove to be a bit difficult and not playing it like it should be played seems to be an option. Downloading and using the trainer provided on this page you will be able to offer yourself several advantages.

With a simple press of a button, you are able to grant yourself infinite health, stamina, ammo and super accuracy. Moreover, weapon overheat can be removed, access nametags hack, remove TV-Missile static, enable nightvision, add 100 tickets to team 1 or 2 and more.

To benefit from the cheats all you have to do is launch the game, run the trainer and then press the appropriate key for the cheat you want to add.
Last updated on March 30th, 2012
Battlefield 2 +13 Trainer - screenshot #1

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