Anno 1404 Venice +7 Trainer and Shipeditor for 2.01.5010

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A lightweight cheat source for those who don;t want to play the game in the normal way






Anno 1404: Venice is an expansion for Anno 1404, a city building game with high focus on economic simulation.

The expansion comes with several new scenarios, volcanic islands, an espionage system, and a new AI power, the Venetian dignitary known as Giacomo Garibaldi. This new character allows you to sabotage cities or buy them out.

You also get new buildings, and two quest types. A new feature that has been brought into the game is the posibility to ask for additional quests in order to increase their honor level.

By downloading and using the trainer that is available on this page, you are able to use cheats such as: +100.000 gold, +1000 honor, infinite Noria, 999t Warehouse, infinite ships, infinite military and instant Sultan confidence. The trainer is very easy to use and allows you to enable the cheats by using simple Ctrl+Numpad (1 ... 6) combinations.

Along with the cheats, you also get the posibility to edit the contents of the ships you have.
Last updated on March 23rd, 2012
Anno 1404 Venice +7 Trainer and Shipeditor for 2.01.5010 - screenshot #1

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