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Biotopia 0.9.0520 Beta

A sandbox-platformer that provides you with an almost endless world of blocks that can be mined an...

May 21st 2015, 11:15 GMT

Brutal Nature 0.56 Alpha

Survive the perils of a stranded island and use the land around you to gather resources and build ...

Apr 21st 2015, 13:17 GMT

Minetest 0.4.12

A sandbox game that uses Minecraft mechanics and gameplay and allows you to build anything

Feb 19th 2015, 16:36 GMT

Manic Digger 2015-02-17

Dig how much you want and build whatever you want in this lightweight Minecraft inspired game

Feb 18th 2015, 23:54 GMT

Blocaria 0.8 Alpha

Build your own world and survive in this Minecraft clone

Mar 10th 2014, 05:22 GMT

Cube Chung 03022014

This is amix between a Minecraft game and hack'n'slash action game!

Mar 4th 2014, 08:18 GMT


Protect yourself from the night demons by upgrading your weapons and building a shelter

Oct 22nd 2013, 19:44 GMT

Blockz 1.2

Build a safe shelter for you and your friends using all kinds of blocks in this Minecraft remake

Aug 23rd 2013, 02:04 GMT

My Craft

Here's another take on the famous Minecraft game. how long will you be able to survive?

Jul 25th 2013, 11:43 GMT

Dark Craft Build 013

A small sandbox game with 2D graphics inspired by the highly acclaimed title Minecraft.

Jul 13th 2013, 17:48 GMT


Explore, mine and build anything you want in this fun Minecraft clone.

Apr 26th 2013, 09:46 GMT


Yet another 2D Minecraft clone to have some fun with.

Mar 4th 2013, 03:35 GMT

A Bloxy World 1.6

A fun arcade mix between Minecraft and Terraria.

Feb 10th 2013, 01:21 GMT

Brick Man 3.0

Build your own world in this Minecraft inspired game.

Dec 18th 2012, 09:24 GMT

Half-Life 2: Update

A generous update for Half-Life 2 that comes to improve visual quality as well as gameplay without affecting its core
Half-Life 2: Update

Team Fortress 2

Valve's humor packed first-person tactical shooter that comes at you with with everything you can possibly want, even hats
Team Fortress 2

Lost Constellation

An excellently crafted game that takes you on an short adventure through a strange forest
Lost Constellation

Unreal Tournament 4

The remake of the legendary lightning fast fist person shooter that comes to deliver the same fantastic experience
Unreal Tournament 4

GOG Galaxy

Keep up to date with the latest offers, purchase, install and play games all from this client
GOG Galaxy

Heroes of the Storm Open Beta

Another one of Blizzard's grand creations, their Hero Brawler which fuses characters from Diablo, Warcraft and StarCraft
Heroes of the Storm Open Beta

Dirty Bomb

A lightning fast first-person shooter that puts focus on co-op teamplay and accurate shooting
Dirty Bomb


Build fantastic games using this game creator

League of Legends Client

A world class MOBA that won half of the world over with its characters and intense fights
League of Legends Client

World of Tanks

Take part in intense large scale tank on tank battles while in control of one of the mighty machines
World of Tanks

Warframe Online Client

Join the war and defeat the vast armies of the Grineer in this awesome F2P co-op third-person shooter.
Warframe Online Client

Dota 2

Choose a hero and start fighting to the death in this unique multiplayer online battle arena game
Dota 2


A fast-paced action game in which the best human warriors take on the darkest of vampires

Forge: Chapter One

A fan-made sequel to the well known Loom title that continues Rusty's story and his journey to save his family and gome
Forge: Chapter One


A fusion between Pac-Man, Pong and Space invaders that's totally strange and equally entertaining
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  • Unity
  • League of Legends Client
  • World of Tanks
  • Warframe Online Client
  • Dota 2
  • Nosgoth
  • Forge: Chapter One
  • Half-Life 2: Update
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Lost Constellation
  • Unreal Tournament 4
  • GOG Galaxy
  • Heroes of the Storm Open Beta
  • Dirty Bomb


Build and destroy in this simple looking, 2D Minecraft clone

Nov 16th 2012, 05:55 GMT

Block Builder 3

Explore and build your own world the way you like it.

Nov 10th 2012, 04:43 GMT

Mine Blocks Extra Version

A fun Minecraft-like building game where you create your own world

Nov 6th 2012, 19:03 GMT

Mine Blocks

A fun Minecraft-like building game with a winter theme

Nov 6th 2012, 18:30 GMT

The Crafter 1.0.4

A Minecraft clone with lots of monsters

Nov 5th 2012, 04:03 GMT

Dust Mine Alpha

A small arcade game with simple graphics inspired by Minecraft.

Aug 13th 2012, 00:52 GMT

Rip-off Craft

Explore a randomly generate world and survive as long as possible.

Aug 9th 2012, 18:40 GMT

Mystery Planet

A smooth 2D Minecraft copy to play in your spare time.

Jul 23rd 2012, 04:47 GMT

Anything 0.1

A remake of the famous Minecraft game played in top-down perspective

Jun 21st 2012, 03:42 GMT

Mineclone 0.1.11 Alpha

A lightweight Minecraft inspired game in which you can build just about anything you want

May 16th 2012, 13:09 GMT

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This is a building game similar to Minecraft

May 6th 2012, 04:52 GMT

Minecraft 2nd Dimension 1 Beta

A Minecraft 2D game to play in your spare time.

Mar 17th 2012, 18:03 GMT

Minecraft 2nd Dimension 2

A Minecraft 2d clone to have fun with.

Mar 17th 2012, 17:46 GMT


An nice looking Minecraft clone

Mar 10th 2012, 01:26 GMT

Minecrafty 0.3

A Minecraft clone with different building blocks

Feb 22nd 2012, 23:19 GMT

Terrablox 1.3.0

A fun Minecraft clone with lots of building blocks

Dec 8th 2011, 18:57 GMT
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