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Warcraft 3 Map - Titan Land 6.1

Titan Land map for Warcraft III

May 10th 2010, 07:48 GMT

Warcraft 3 Map - Dota All Star Privatemap 1.1

Dota All Star Privatemap map for Warcraft III

Apr 21st 2009, 13:28 GMT

Warcraft II Map - Wizard's Retreat Bonus

This is theWizard's Retreat Bonus map for the game Warcraft III

Sep 13th 2005, 08:20 GMT

WarCraft 3 Map - The Frozen Throne Retail Bonus Map

Blizzard has issued a new multiplayer map for WarCraft III: the Frozen Throne, expanding their rec...

Sep 5th 2003, 18:21 GMT