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Terror Attack: Project Fateh

Shoot terrorists in this FPS game

May 7th 2012, 22:23 GMT

America's Army: Special Forces (Overmatch) Full Install 2.8.5

America's Army focused upon the central role Special Forces play in the Global War on Terrorism

Apr 23rd 2010, 22:03 GMT

Battlefield 2: Special Forces +5 Trainer for 1.0

A lightweight trainer for Battlefield 2: Special Forces that can reduce the difficulty level

Jan 28th 2008, 11:05 GMT

Officers Demo

Six-year bloodshed known as World War II left tragic memories and unbelievable legends about glory...

Dec 7th 2006, 11:28 GMT
  • Patch
  • 127 MB

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Patch 1.20

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 3, players will embody Captain Scott Mitchell as he commands the Ghosts a...

Jul 7th 2006, 10:49 GMT

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Demo 1.04

A tactical shooter that takes you through the streets of a terrorist-infested Mexico City

Apr 28th 2006, 09:58 GMT

Vietcong 2

A FPS game that throws you in the middle of the Vietnam war and enables you to hear the story from...

Jan 13th 2006, 11:32 GMT
  • Patch
  • 9.13 MB

Vietcong 2 Patch 1.10

Vietcong 2 is a FPS set against the background of the 1968 Tet Offensive

Dec 20th 2005, 11:55 GMT
  • Patch
  • 3.2 MB

Elite Warriors: Vietnam Patch 1.03

The Vietnam War's most highly classified special operations were performed by the Studies and Obse...

May 27th 2005, 13:32 GMT