"Father of PlayStation" Ken Kutaragi Believes PS4 Is His Grandchild

The retired Sony executive wants the next-gen device to wow consumers

Former Sony Computer Entertainment boss Ken Kutaragi, the so-called Father of the PlayStation for his work in getting Sony to join the console business, believes the PlayStation 4 is his grandchild and wants the device to impress all those who use it.

Sony's entrance in the console business back in the 1990s was masterminded by a single man, Ken Kutaragi, who led the development of the PlayStation 1 and PS2, and even oversaw some of the PS3's creation process.

While he is retired, Kutaragi talked during a conference in Japan about the PS4, via DualShockers.

He revealed that seeing the PS4 for the first time made him feel like he was seeing his newborn grandchild.

What's more, Kutaragi hopes that the console will make users say "wow" when using it.

He also noted that perks like cloud processing and online features were planned for the PS3 during its creation.

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