inXile Explains HUD System for Wasteland 2

Gamers will be able to tweak five customizable elements

The development team at inXile working on Wasteland 2 is revealing more information about the Heads-Up Display for the game, most of them based on the reactions that players themselves have had to the recently revealed video for the game.

The Wastelansd 2 HUD will include: Character Portraits, Mini-Map, Action Bar, Hot Key Selector and Description Text.

InXile states, “we are building each element in different sizes and shapes. You can select any of these for your default setup. It doesn’t matter if you want the minimalist version, the long skinny version, the short and wide version, or anything in between. We have it for you.”

Gamers will also be able to hide the portraits, the small land map and the hot key selector in order to have more screen space to enjoy the look of Wasteland 2.

The game will be party based and will use an apocalyptic setting, with launch set for late 2013.

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