Zynga: Tablets Will Become Ultimate Gaming Platforms

They will replace both PCs and next-generation consoles

Much troubled developer Zynga believes that the tablets that many companies are currently launching are the best gaming platforms for the future and that they will replace the traditional PC and home console.

Steve Chiang, the president of game development at Zynga, tells GamesIndustry that, “Imagine FarmVille 2 on a tablet, you can see the detail on a bigger farm and be able to manipulate things, getting a full experience on a tablet.”

Apparently, a number of Ville-type video games will be delivered on tablets during 2013.

Traditionally, Zynga has focused on Facebook as a delivery platform for its titles, but the companies have grown apart during 2012 and the social game developer is trying to create its own infrastructure.

Popularity of Zynga titles has decreased as more and more players are seeking to engage with more sophisticated social experiences.

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