Zynga CFO Mark Vranesh Steps Down, David Lee Takes FarmVille Financial Baton

David Lee occupied several executive positions at Best Buy, PG&E and Del Monte Foods

Mark Vranesh, the CFO/CAO of Zynga, has announced that it will step down and leave the company next month, leaving former Best Buy VP of finance David Lee in charge.

If you're wondering what Zynga is responsible for, then know that they're to blame for all the people pestering you with requests to click on their cow or help them tend their virtual gardens or whatever else they can't be bothered to do for themselves on social networking sites.

Mark Vranesh is leaving the company next month, after nearly six years of service, and will be spending this time to bring David Lee up to speed on the entire operation. Lee, who has most recently served as senior vice president of enterprise finance at Best Buy, and who has also held executive positions at PG&E and Del Monte Foods, will replace Vranesh as CFO/CAO.

Starting April 14, he'll be presiding over Zynga's finances, not an easy job since the company has just reported that over the full financial year of 2013, it registered a $37 / €27 million net loss. Granted, it's a considerable improvement since 2012's reported loss of $209 / €150 million.

Zynga says that Vranesh has been working with CEO Don Mattrick to find the company a suitable new CFO since the end of 2013.

Vranesh occupied the position in 2012, when he stepped up to replace David Whener, who left in order to take a job at Facebook.

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