Zombi U Launch Trailer Explains Wii U Features

The game mixes first-person shooters mechanics and strategy

The launch trailer for the Zombi U title from publisher Ubisoft is designed specifically to show gamers how the new undead-powered action game uses the unique features of the Wii U home console from Nintendo.

The trailer shows exactly how players can use the GamePad and the console to control their characters and mow down the attacking zombie hordes.

Zombi U is a quick game that takes some cues from Dark Souls, with all player deaths permanent and new characters generated in order to allow the story to continue; there is also a chance that gamers will have to face their former selves in battle.

Zombi U is a Wii U exclusive, and United States gamers can get it on the console on Sunday, November 18, while those in Europe have to wait until November 30, with Japanese players having to wait another eight days.

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