Zeno Clash 2 Launches During Spring on PSN, PC, Xbox Live

The game will expand on the mix of brawling and shooting of the original

The developers at ACE Team are announcing that they are set to launch Zeno Clash 2 on the PlayStation Network from Sony, the Xbox Live service from Microsoft and the PC, via Steam, during the spring of this year.

The company has not yet nailed down an actual launch date and will probably do so after working with the various platform holders to find out where an open spot is available on all three devices.

The spring 2013 window was revealed by Carlos Bordeu, the leader of the ACE Team that has been working on Zeno Clash 2 for about four years.

The first game in the series mixed brawling and first-person shooter mechanics and introduced players to a highly detailed fantasy world.

The second game in the series will expand on it and give players more chances to learn its history and discover fascinating new characters.

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