Young Justice Video Game Gets New Teaser Trailer

Players get a taste of what the superhero title has to offer

Developer Little Orbit and publisher Warner Bros. are offering a new trailer for the upcoming Young Justice video game, designed to pique the interest of those who are fans of the television series.

The game will offer a multiplayer action game experience with some role-playing elements.

There are 12 playable characters that gamers will be able to choose from and 12 villains that they will need to defeat.

The Young Justice video game was supposed to fill in the game between the first and the second season of the television series, but it’s unclear whether this is the case given that the series itself has gone on hiatus a few times.

The logos used by Warner Bros. in the trailer suggest that the game will only be launched on the PlayStation Network from Sony, Xbox Live from Microsoft and the PC, presumably via Steam.

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