YouTube App for Nintendo Wii U Now Live

You can now navigate the popular website right from the Wii U

YouTube has just confirmed that its special app for the Nintendo Wii U console is now live, allowing owners of the device to watch videos and interact with the popular service.

The Wii U was released last Sunday and, since then, entertainment providers have been slowly releasing their special apps for the console, ranging from Amazon Instant Video to Netflix or Hulu Plus.

Now, the YouTube app has just been launched for the Wii U, according to the official blog, allowing owners of the new console to navigate the popular website and watch all sorts of videos in full HD.

Like with any Wii U feature, the app has deep integration for the console’s GamePad, as you’ll be able to type video titles by using the controller and read descriptions on its touchscreen while viewing the video on the TV.

The YouTube app for the Wii U can be downloaded for free via the console’s main menu.

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