Yakuza 5 Gets Complex Story Trailer

The series is well known for its convoluted narrative

The development team at SEGA is ready to offer more information about the Yakuza 5 and its universe and has launched a rather long trailer designed to share some details on the narrative of the game.

The series has long been known for its cutscenes and their level of detail, and gamers who know Japanese or are very interested in the game can get more than 15 minutes of Yakuza 5 magic in the attached video.

The game is at the moment only confirmed for launch on the PlayStation 3 from Sony in Japan, where it will be offered on December 6.

The series has been a hit on the home market and has performed reasonably well in the West, which means that gamers in Europe and North American will most likely get access to Yakuza 5, probably in a stripped down version, about six months later.

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