Xbox One’s Kinect Might Violate New “We Are Watching You Act”

Microsoft says the device is not gathering any personal information

The new Kinect technology introduced with the Xbox One home console from Microsoft might violate a new bill introduced in the United States House of Representatives that seems to have a good chance of becoming actual law.

Mike Capuano, a Democrat from Massachusetts, and Walter Jones, a Republican from North Carolina, created a bill called “We Are Watching You Act.”

The bill would force manufacturers to include clear warning signs for the moments when their devices are capable of actually tracking the users and their actions.

The congressmen are saying, “Allowing this type of technology to be installed in the homes of individuals without their consent would be an egregious invasion of privacy.”

Microsoft has said that the new and enhanced Kinect technology is not designed to spy on players and will never send data without a user’s consent back to the company.

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