Xbox One YouTube Campaign Asks Only for Positive Videos

Gamers are not happy with the fact that negative opinions are rejected

The gaming community focused around the YouTube service is reacting negatively to a new leaked campaign that asked contributors to create Xbox One videos and get a bonus to their potential revenue by making sure that all the information they offered was positive.

The text of the campaign, as seen by Kotaku, states that, “You may not say anything negative or disparaging about Machinima, Xbox One or any of its Games in your Campaign Video.”

YouTube contributors were offered a 3 dollar CPM bonus for 30 seconds of video that promoted an Xbox One game and mentioned the new Microsoft console by name.

Because of the controversy, Machinima, the host for the initiative, has decided not to implement it.

Traditionally, those who stream game content are not forced in any way to promote the game they are playing and are free to express their own opinion, which is one of the reasons why watching YouTube reviews has become so popular.

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