Xbox One Won't Experience Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Errors

The next-gen console has been designed by the team behind the Xbox 360 Slim

Microsoft has emphasized that its new Xbox One next-generation console won't repeat the hardware mistakes of the original Xbox 360, and that errors like the infamous Red Ring of Death won't happen.

The Xbox One was revealed to the world earlier this week and, while the console is shaping up to be relatively impressive, many fans wondered if Microsoft would repeat the terrible mistakes it did with the Xbox 360, which was plagued by hardware errors and faults, culminating with the infamous Red Ring of Death.

According to Microsoft's Phil Spencer, who talked with Edge, the Xbox one hardware design is being handled by the same team that was responsible for the Xbox 360 redesign (aka the Slim).

The team learned a lot from the original Xbox 360 and its errors, according to Spencer, and this know-how will be channeled into the Xbox One when it is released onto the market at the end of the year.

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