Xbox One Will Get Titanfall Specific System Update on March 4

Gamers will get improvements to party and multiplayer systems

Microsoft says that it plans to launch a second major system update for the Xbox One on March 4 in order to prepare the console for the launch of Titanfall, the shooter created by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

The focus of the patch will be on multiplayer and party systems, which will be crucial when it comes to the success of the new title.

Marc Whitten, chief product officer at the Xbox One division, writes on the Xbox Wire that, “Available on March 11, Titanfall is a team-based online multiplayer game that showcases the power of Xbox Live, and we will be shipping a new party and multiplayer system that will help make Titanfall the must-have game for this generation.”

The company will probably offer a more thorough list of changes for the Xbox One closers to March 4.

Until then, gamers will also get a system update on February 11, with a new battery indicator, storage management and the ability to use a USB keyboard.

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