Xbox One Pre-Orders Overtake Xbox 360 Performance, Console Close to Sold Out in U.S.

Microsoft's next-gen console is quite popular, apparently

Microsoft has confirmed that the number of Xbox One preorders has just overtaken the performance of the current Xbox 360 from the same period, and that the device is already sold out at most retailers in the U.S.

The Xbox One has had a troubled time ever since its official reveal back in May, as confusing statements from executives, coupled with restrictive limitations imposed on used games, and also a lot of backlash from loyal fans, combined to weigh down the next-gen console.

Even so, Microsoft's Xbox Live Community Manager, Larry Hryb, has confirmed on Twitter that the latest figures show that the number of Xbox One pre-orders has already overtaken the performance of the Xbox 360 in the same timeframe.

What's more, Hryb has also confirmed that the console is already sold out at most U.S. retailers, so those interested in getting an Xbox One Day One Edition should start their search for stores that still have it in stock.

The Xbox One will be released in sometime in November.

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