Xbox One Overtakes PS4 in Terms of Pre-Orders After Used Games DRM Elimination

Microsoft's next-gen console is now more popular than Sony's device

The sudden switch in used game DRM policy for the Xbox One has resulted in a drastic increase in pre-orders for Microsoft's next-gen home console, overtaking the PlayStation 4 at retailers like Amazon.

Ever since both the PS4 and Xbox One were revealed last week at E3 2013, retailer Amazon has been tracking the different number of pre-orders for the two next-gen consoles.

While Sony's PS4 developed quite a lead following the announcement that it supports used games, has no online requirement, and is a full 100 USD/EUR cheaper, the sudden shift in used games DRM policy for the Xbox One has taken Microsoft's device back to the top.

According to MCV, the Xbox One is now the most pre-ordered product at Amazon's UK division and, as you can see in the screenshot above, the U.S. website also lists the Xbox one ahead of the PS4.

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