Xbox One Media Remote Is Official, Arrives in Early March

Gamers can get faster access to their movies and TV shows

The team at Microsoft in charge of the Xbox One announces that the much-rumored Xbox One Media Remote is now official and that it will be launched on all markets where the home console is available at the beginning of March.

Larry Hryb, the leading communications officer for the video game space at Microsoft, writes on his official blog that, “the Xbox One Media Remote lets you control video playback for Blu-ray movies and streaming video on Xbox One. Additionally, there are dedicated Back and OneGuide buttons.”

The new device is designed to allow users to quickly access their favorite TV and movie content.

The new Xbox One Media Remote can also be used to control the TV power and volume via the Kinect motion tracking system.

It will cost 24.99 dollars or Euro when it is launched, although no official date has been offered.

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