Xbox One Japanese Launch Delayed Because It's a "Tier 2" Country

The territory has a lower priority so it gets the Xbox One later than expected

Microsoft's Japan division has confirmed that the Xbox One won't be released in the country at the same time as the rest of the world, as it's a lower priority territory.

The Xbox 360 never really managed to gain a following in Japan, as local gamers remained loyal to Sony or Nintendo, opting to go with the PlayStation 3 or Wii instead of Microsoft's console.

Now, with the Xbox One, it seems that Microsoft has given up the fight and won't even release the device in Japan alongside the other 22 countries it has already confirmed earlier this year.

According to Microsoft's Yasuyuki Higuchi, via DualShockers, the company believes Japan is a "tier 2" country, meaning it will receive the next-gen console after the tier 1 territories.

It's unclear if the delay mentioned by Higuchi means a 2014 release in the Asian territory or a launch in December of 2013.

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